Pirates Win In Shootout Over Oklahoma Wesleyan 

Pirates Win In Shootout Over Oklahoma Wesleyan 

Pirates Win In Shootout Over Oklahoma Wesleyan 

November 9, 2018 

INDEPENDENCE, Kan. - Closing out the end of a three game homestand, the Independence Pirates took the court against the Oklahoma Wesleyan Eagles. The game was a shootout with shots falling for every direction, but the Pirates came out on top for their second straight win 85-75. Independence made nine three-pointers and was led in the game by Sean Pollack who posted another double-double with 18 points and 16 rebounds. 

"We played well tonight overall, but we've got to learn how to guard the three-point line," coach Tony Turner said. "The long shots we allowed kept the game closer than it should've been, but we'll continue to work hard and get better on defense to prepare for the next opponent." 

In the first half, the Eagles drew first blood with a three-pointer from Bryson Grasse and then another from Cole Cornsilk to go up 6-0. Oklahoma Wesleyan got further away with another long range shot from Cornsilk but a layup by Marc Crawford put the Pirates on the board. 

Evan Smith's three-pointer was matched by a layup by Sean Pollack and a long shot from Derrick Redmon made the score 12-7 at the 16:00 mark in favor of the Eagles. Cornsilk torched the net again putting OW up 15-7, but a three from Kofi Maze cut the lead down to five at the 14:45 mark. 

Independence drew closer with a layup by Jibril Harris, but with 12:15 left in the half a layup from Brandon Bird put the lead back to five. The Pirates picked up jumpers from Harris and Maze to cut the lead to one, but smith drained a shot from downtown to make it 20-16. 

A layup by Arman Akbar was answered by a three from Da'Juan Edwards making it 22-19 at the 9:45 mark, but seconds later Bird was there for the Eagles pushing the lead out to six. Independence drew closer with a bank shot from Harris cutting the lead to four and the teams exchanged trips to the line making the score 27-23 at the 8:30 mark. 

Oklahoma Wesleyan's Kylan Branscomb and Independence's Da' Juan Edwards exchanged three-pointers for their teams and a free throw from Harris cut the lead down to three for the Eagles, but Cornsilk delivered from downtown again making the score 33-27 at the mark of 6:30. 

Pollack cut the lead to four with a layup, but Grasse was there with a long shot pushing the score out to 36-29 before Pollack hit a hook shot, bringing the Pirates within five at the 3:00 mark. A scoop and scoe by Anquaevious Pollard cut the lead to three and a three on the other end pushed it to six before a layup from Tonje Durham had the score at 39-35 for the Pirates at the 1:00 mark. Back to back threes pushed the Eagle's lead to ten, but Pollack delivered a layup and the score at halftime saw the Pirates trailing 45-37.  

"The win tonight feels really good, but we have to continue to improve defensively," said Pollack. "We've got to get back in the gym the next practice and continue to get better as the season goes along." 

In the second half, Pollack tipped in miss to cut the lead to six and free throws from Harris along with a long shot by Redmon cut the score to 45-44 with 17:45 left to play. Pollack scored another tip back pushing Independence ahead 46-45 with 17:00 remaining before a layup by Ricky Edwards who was fouled and went on to make it pushed the lead out to four. 

Ricky Edwards found another way to score inside with 15:40 remaining on a steal and score opportunity and the Eagles found Grasse down low for a score on the other end making the score 51-47. Four free throws pushed the Pirates' lead to eight and Oklahoma Wesleyan got a pair of shots from the line to make the score 55-49 with 12:35 remaining. 

A 4-0 run capped by a three-pointer from Tyreece Berry put Independence up, 59-50 and Independence answered a quick bucket with 10:40 left to play with a layup by Crawford. Branscomb drained a three and Bird delivered a layup cutting the lead to five with the score at 62-57. 

A run of 3-0 cut the Pirates' lead down to two, but Berry refused to be silent draining a three-pointer for the 65-60 lead with 8:30 remaining. A 5-1 run for the Eagles cut the Pirates lead t 66-65 after a long jumper by Grasse, but Berry found the lane to score followed by two free throws from Ricky Edwards for the five-point lead. 

Akbar's jumper was answered by a three-pointer from Redmon with 4:35 remaining running the score out to 73-67 and a pair of shots from the line had the lead at six before a long shot from Akbar made it 75-72. 

Pollack scored with 3:15 remaining for the five-point lead, but as fouls led to free throws the score was at 77-74 in favor of Independence. A bucket by Durham pushed the lead out to five and a score from Pollack made the score 81-74 with 1:30 remaining. The Pirates outscored the Eagles 5-1 after a cap off dunk from Crawford to take the game. 

Independence (2-3) returns to ICC Field House, Tuesday November 13 to host the Southwestern Christian Eagles with tipoff set for 7 pm.