Pirates Outlast Panthers In Overtime 

Pirates Outlast Panthers In Overtime 

Pirates Outlast Panthers In Overtime 

November 10, 2018 

INDEPENDENCE, Kan. - In the season finale, deemed as sophomore night the Independence Pirates (2-8) hosted the Ellsworth Panthers (1-10) with hopes of ending the season on a high note. The contest took longer than expected, but when it was all over the Pirates claimed an overtime victory, 21-15. 

"It was great to get a win tonight and go out on a high note," coach Jason Brown said. "Our guys played hard all night long and thankfully we were able to come out on top." 

"From here, we'll just go back and evaluate our remaining players and staff, recruit hard in the offseason and prepare for next season." 

In the first quarter, the Pirates began the opening drive with a seven-yard rush from Tyrone Taylor and a first down on another run by Taylor for a gain of 12 yards. 

A completion from quarterback Jay Jones to Marqwell Odom picked up a first down after an 11-yard gain and a 30-yard scramble by Jones took Independence down to the eight-yard line, but the Pirates were turned away, one yard short after a fourth and goal attempt failed. 

The Panthers were caught in the end zone for a safety as the Independence defense held strong to take a 2-0 lead with 10:04 remaining in the period and a huge run back by Odom on the free kick got the Pirate's next drive to start at the 15-yard line. 

Independence was penalized five yards after a false start, but Matthew Wilcox picked up four yards to the 16-yard line. Independence was forced to settle for a field goal from Ryan Redman that was good from 33 yards away and took a 5-0 lead at the 9:14 mark. 

Elllsworth's Kardelle Phillips returned the kickoff across midfield to the 30-yard line, but the defense held off the attack on fourth down after big tackles from Juan Harris and Kuony Deng set up an incomplete pass on the attempt. 

A completion from Chase Hildreth to Odom took the Pirates to the 48-yard line and another connection for the duo picked up another first down. Odom continued to grind and took the Pirates to the 33-yard line after a penalty with an 18-yard reception, but a sack on fourth down gave the ball back to the Panthers. 

Ellsworth's Tariq Young was brought down for no gain by Tylar Wiltz, but an unsportsmanlike call took the Panthers across midfield to the 45-yard line. Running back Jordan Perry picked up big yardage to the 38-yard line but an incompletion forced a punt by Tyler Armundson that was fielded at the one-yard line. 

A 10-yard run by Shermari Jones took the Pirates out to the 11-yard line, but the Ellsworth defense held up forcing a punt from Adam Barry that went out of bounds at the Panther's 45-yard line and as the quarter ended the Pirates were clinging to a 5-0 lead. 

The second quarter began positively as Phillips was forced out of bounds by Armani Posey for no gain, but a pass interference call gave Ellsworth a first down at the 40-yard line.  Phillips picked up a first down running to the 29-yard line, but the Independence defense came up big forcing a punt that went out of bounds at the five-yard line. 

Intentional grounding in the end zone awarded the Panthers a safety bringing the score to 5-2 with 11:02 left in the first half and the free kick from Barry was fielded at the 42-yard line. 

A six-yard gain by Perry took the Panthers to the 49-yard line and a huge run by the back got them down to the 22-yard line leading to an 18-yard touchdown pass from Josh Shim to Jaylan Scott. The extra point from Adijan Muhamedjic sailed through and Ellsworth took its first lead with 9:26 left in the half at 9-5.  

The Pirates picked up a first down on a 12-yard gain by Taylor and another with a quick pass to Odom. Shermari Jones picked up the third first down of the drive to the 48-yard line an Odom followed with the fourth to the 35-yard line. 

Another big rush by Jones took Independence inside the 20 and a pass to Wilcox picked up positive yardage to set up a field goal that was blocked giving the Panthers another possession at the 42-yard line. 

A 34-yard pass from Shim to Donald Brown took Ellsworth to the 17-yard line and Phillips scurried down to the one-yard line, but the defense forced a field goal that was blocked into the endzone and Independence took over at the 20-yard line. The Pirates were unable to score the remainder of the half and Ellsworth led 9-5 going into the locker room. 

In the third quarter, the Panthers turned the ball over as Shim was intercepted by Dequann Gresham at the 30-yard line and Shermari Jones ran out to the 45-yard line on the next play for a first down for Independence. 

The Pirates were unable to get any further as the Panther's defense forced a punt that was fielded at the one-yard line. Ellsworth turned over the ball as John Mitchell recovered a fumble and a completion from Z'Khari Blocker to Bryson Cannon took the Pirates to the five-yard line. Independence got to the one-yard line on a rush by Blocker and then scored as Jones ran it in. Redman's extra point was good, and the Pirates led 12-9 at the 9:21 mark of the period. 

Shim found Scott for an Ellsworth first down, but the defense held strong preventing a conversion on a fake punt to let Independence take over at the 47-yard line. A big run by Jones picked up a first down and then another at the 30-yard line, but the Pirates turned the ball over on downs after an incomplete pass. 

The defense held strong to force another punt and Armundson was ran down by Corbein Hagans for Independence to take over at the 27-yard line. The Pirates were unable to score once again, and the Panthers took over after a failed fourth down conversion. Ellsworth found separation on a 17-yard run from Perry but was unable to score for the remainder of the period and Independence led 12-9 heading into the fourth quarter. 

The fourth quarter began with an interception by Christopher Bell being returned across midfield to the 45-yard line and a 10-yard rush by Jones picked up a first down for the Pirates, built the Panthers got the ball back as Jay Jones was intercepted by CJ Burress at the seven-yard line. 

Ellsworth picked up a first down on a 10-yard rush by Phillips and another as Young darted across midfield to the 32-yard line. A pass to Will Weiderman took the Panthers to the 19-yard line and a rush by Phillips got them down to the one and two plays later, Phillips scored. The extra point was no good and Elllsworth led 15-12 with 10:40 left in regulation. 

Independence found separation on a 14-yard scramble by Hildreth and another big gain by Shermari Jones, who picked up another on the next play. Jones continued to rumble, but on fourth down the Pirates came up just short of converting. 

The Panthers rumbled to the 40-yard line with a huge gain by Perry and he continued to rumble taking the ball down to the 12-yard line, but the defense held up forcing a field goal that was no good. 

The Pirates picked up back to back first downs with big gains by Shermari Jones and a pass interference call took them across midfield. Jones picked up nine yards to the 38-yard line and then a first down on a five-yard gain. 

Jones picked up 12 more yards to the 21-yard line and a rush by Hildreth took it down to the 14-yard line setting up a field goal by Redman that was good from 35 yards and the game headed to overtime tied at 15-15. 

In overtime, Kelle Sanders brought down Scott for a loss of two and the defense held, and Independence was in position to win with a score. The Pirates rumbled to the five-yard line with a 13-yard rush by Jones and scored on the next play as Jones dived in the endzone to give the Pirates the win.