Parent FAQs

  • Q: How can parents best check on the well-being and academic status of their student?
    • A: Parents can have many questions and concerns about the well-being of their student as they begin a more independent lifestyle and live away from home. Please know ICC welcomes parents to contact staff regarding any questions or concerns. A full contact list can be found in the ICC Staff & Faculty Directory.
  • Q: How can I get ahold of financial aid?
  • Q: Where can I find additional information on submitting my FAFSA?
  • Q: Is there another resource to find most of ICC's financial aid documents and forms?
  • Q: Is there an electronic "one-stop shop" for financial aid applications, statuses, and disbursement history?
    • A: Yes!  Make sure to set-up your account and log into the Online Financial Aid System.
    • See below for instructions and steps on setting up your account!